Viajes de miel

Viajes de miel

Viajes de miel

Viajes de miel

Honey travel

We create the trip of your dreams, you can do it to measure, choosing even the smallest detail or letting yourself be carried away by the advice of our professionals.


Because after so much work you need a great reward, THE JOURNEY.

Creating and designing the perfect trip is our purpose, paying full attention to your needs. Wedding and honey has a team of experts to organize your trip, offering maximum creativity and professionalism. Together we will create something unique and unforgettable, because the excellence of a good service arises from specialization.

Travel as a couple

To dream is to create… and who has never dreamed of a sunset at the monument of love “Taj Mahal” or renting a 4×4, leaving the road behind and getting lost in the lands of the North Cape or Baviaanskloof, or crossing the rivers in a speedboat like those that seem to fly over the water, traveling on a snowmobile the white and fascinating country like Iceland, hiking of glaciers, a watervilla in the middle of the ocean, bathing in geothermal pools, any exotic madness you can think of….


WE WILL BE PARENTS! What a beautiful news, that cumulus of sensations and emotions, a 9 month long wait and what better than to celebrate it by enjoying a perfect trip to relax before the most beautiful arrival, your baby. The perfect site and beautiful details will make the chosen destination the perfect moment for you.

“Babymoon” or “Baby Moon” is the romantic getaway before the baby arrives.

 Live a first or second honeymoon full of care and pampering, champagne, room service, massages and quiet walks, focused on pleasure and enjoyment.

Wedding and honey organize this trip for future parents who will soon be very busy with the arrival and care of their baby and what better way to start this new life, so relaxed and so happy after such a beautiful trip.

Gold travel


Of course not, you just need desire, enthusiasm, energy and a lot of rock and roll … want to see the world, have a good time, either because we have already lived a lot and we want to enjoy it or you have just celebrated your second nuptials and you want your incredible golden trip .

It is the perfect trip to discover the world with the best care and details.

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