About us

“Here is a picture of Mery”

 Hi! This is me, Mery, a crazy woman from weddings, trips and French toast with honey!

 I was born in Cádiz, land of joy and carnival, I lived many years in Ireland, which I consider my second country, but after living and training in different cities, I assembled the pieces of what would become my final puzzle: profession, Family and home in Barcelona.


I consider myself a perfectionist, decisive and very detailed, my greatest joy, to make people happy. Since I was a child I have lived surrounded by the world of events, it comes from my family! I will never forget my first wedding with 18 years, it was that of my sister.

With a degree in tourism and a master in Financial Management, I decided to channel my knowledge with several other titles, in Protocol and Organization of weddings and events.

I am crazy about traveling, knowing the world, but I also love weddings, so the idea of ​​merging my two great passions, designing dreams and destinations.

I think that destiny is not written, but that every moment that passes is a new design to build. I would love to write your story … what do you think, see you?

Wedding and honey is the result of the effort, work and cooperation of a group of professionals led by Mery Merino.

 From the maximum experience and good taste, Wedding and honey was born in order to offer tourism products and services specialized in tourism focused on couples.

 Wedding and honey is an online tourist information platform and travel agency owned by the DGZ TRAVEL AGENT retail agency network.

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